Upcoming Exhibition

Shuhei Ohashi
Jun 6th – 16th 2019(日)
Venue: Gallery Seek (Ginza, Tokyo)
Artist: Tomoaki Ito, Akiko Imabayashi, Shuhei Ohashi, Sota Koike, Hideaki Kobayashi, Haruna Sato, Yuka Taguchi, Masaaki Hikida, Miku Niinomi, Yumi Yamazaki

We will exhibit 10 artists. We look forward to your visit.

Tsuyoshi Uenaka
Tsuyoshi Uenaka the 4th Solo Exhibition
Jun. 20th - Jun 26th 2019 10:00-20:00 (Only Last day will close 16:30)
Venue:TOBU department store Ikebukuro 6F
Artist:Tsuyoshi Uenaka

We will hold a solo exhibition of a young ceramic artist, Tsuyoshi Uenaka, who inherits the Tamba-yaki tradition. Please enjoy the modern and traditional artworks.

Takahiro Hirabayashi
Takahiro Hirabayashi Oil Painting Exhibition
Jun 21st- 30th 2019
Venue:Gallery Seek (Ginza, Tokyo)
Artist: Takahiro Hirabayashi

Takahiro Hirabayashi was born in 1984. He was growing up at Nagano prefecture Suwa-shi where to worship the “Dosojin” everywhere. It has the meaning of the border between the village and the outside world, the place where various things intersect as a crossing. That is the source of inspiration, and to today he has been focusing on female figures. Unlike a realistically drawn female image that pursues the beauty of a woman, the view of the world filled with a fantastic attraction has many fans, and makes us imagination.

Kaoru Kan
Kaoru Kan Japanese painting Solo Exhibition
Jun.26th-Jul.2nd 2019 10:00-20:00 (Only Last day will close 16:00)
Venue: The Hakata Daimaru 6F
Artist:Kaoru Kan

She continues create the artworks mainly motif as water. The naturally curves and lawful straight lines are enveloped in an equally organic world. She draws flowers, goldfish, and sea grass as symbol of lucky around water. Please enjoy this exhibition.

Kana Satake
Kana Satake Japanese Painting Solo exhibition
Jul. 4th-10th 2019 10:00-20:00 (Only Last day will close 16:30)
Venue: TOBU department store Ikebukuro 6F
Artist:Kana Satake

Kana Satake creates Japanese painting on the theme of “daily life” with motif such as sparrows as a theme. Several works that draws to reaffirm the feelings that are often forgotten, such as appreciation for others or impression of nature. The screen using the soil paint will add more depth and impress the existence of the main character in the paints.

Masaaki Hikida
Masaaki Hikida Oil Painting Solo Exhibition
Jul. 11st- 17th 2019 10:00-20:00 (Only Last day will close 16:30)
Venue:TOBU department store Ikebukuro 6F
Artist:Masaaki Hikida

We will hold a solo exhibition of Masaaki Hikida. He draws mainly on Cat and Female. It will be an exhibition for the first time in about four years at Tobu department store Ikebukuro. Please have a look at the about 20 new art works. We look forward to your visit.

Upcoming Exhibition

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