2019 Exhibition

Kenji Tao
Kenji Tao Solo exhibition
Apr. 26th- May 6th 2019
Venue:Gallery Seek (Ginza, Tokyo)
Artist: Kenji Tao

Kenji Tao draws animal drawings on the theme of Japanese classics using rock paints and gold mud and gold foil. This exhibition will show the process of completion from Drawing to Japanese Painting. We look forward to your visit.

Yumi Yamazaki
Yumi Yamazaki Japanese painting Exhibition
May 10th-19th 2019
Venue:Gallery Seek (Ginza, Tokyo)
Artist: Yumi Yamazaki

Yumi Yamazaki has been attracted to things with duality and has continued to create artworks. The feminine image depicted in recent years not only shows the superficial beauty of the woman, but also gives a glimpse of the inner strength and irritating spirituality. we will display more than 10 works, including female figures, flowers and still lifes.

Shiya Tamai 
Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong BoothG04
May 17th-19th 2019
Venue:Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center (HKCEC)
Artist:Mitsuru Koga, Haruna Sato, Shinya Tamai, Takeshi Harada

Affordable Art Fair was started from 1999 in London. At present, The Fair is participating all over the world and total 10000000people came. Gallery Seek will be introduce Mitsuru Koga, Haruna Sato, Shinya Tamai, and Takeshi Harada.
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Makoto Fujii
Early Summer Art Market
May 16th- 20th 10:00-19:00 (final day 10:00-16:00)
Venue:TOBU department store Utsunomiya 5F Event Plaza
Artist:Shuh Ohashi,Hideaki Kobayashi,Kazuyuki Sutoh,Yuko Nakamura,Mikiko Noji,Makoto Fujii

We will first participate in “Early Summer Art Marche” held in TOBU department store Utsunomiya. This time, we will introduce 6 artists, we look forward to your visit.

Makoto Fujii

TOBU department store Spring Art Market
Apr 17th- Apr 22nd 2019

Venue: TOBU department store 8F
Artist:Chizuru Abe, Kaoru Kan, Kazuyuki Sutoh, Kaori Soutome, Kenji Tao, Yuka Taguchi, Yuko Nakamura, Makoto Fujii

We will participate in Spring Art Market held in TOBU department store Ikebukuro. We will introduce young artists and great master. We look forward to your visit.

Masaaki Hikida
~NEW WAVE~ next generation artists exhibition
Apr 11st-Apr 17th 2019
Venue:artglorieux gallery of tokyo 5F
Artist: Kaoru Kan, Hideaki Kobayashi, Kana Satake, Junya Tsubota, Masaaki Hikida, Ryo Hiraoka

Group exhibition of young artists take next generations held in Ginza SIX 5F “artgloroeux”. In recent years, painting techniques have diversified. For example, even Japanese paintings have abstract expressions like oil painting. Please enjoy the unique and talented artist’s artworks.
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Hideaki Kobayashi
The Cat named SM
Apr.5th- 14th 2019
Venue: Gallery Seek (Tokyo, Ginza)
Artist: Chizuru Abe, Masashi Ishigai, Kyosuke Umezawa, Takehiro Kato, Hiroki Kishimoto, Hideaki Kobayashi, Kana Satake, Yasuyo Suzuki, Kaori Soutome, Kenji Tao, Jyunya Tsubota, Seisyou Nakagami, Yumi Nagata, Miku Niinomi, Masaaki Hikida, Marino Miura, Yumi Yamazaki

In honor of Andy Warhol's masterpiece "The Cat named Sam", we will hold the "The Cat named SM" limited to the SM size, cat motif artworks. Cats are mysterious, and attractive. Please enjoy the lovely cat artworks by about 20 artists.

Haruna Sato
Asia Contemporary Art Show Room.4318
Mar 29th- Apr.1st 2019
Venue:Conrad Hong Kong
Artist: Takehiro Kato, Mitsuru Koga, Haruna Sato, Takeshi Harada

“Asia Contemporary Art Show” is one of famous art fair in Hong Kong. We are exhibit Takehiro Kato, Mitsuru Koga, Haruna Sato, and Takeshi Harada. Please enjoy this show.
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Kaori Soutome
Mar 16th- 25th 2019
Venue: Gallery Seek (Tokyo, Ginza)
Artist:Takehiro Kato, Kaoru Kan, Sota Koike, Hideaki Kobayashi, Kana Satake, Kenji Shimizu, Chidou Shimizu, Yasuyo Suzuki, Kazuyuki Sutoh, Kaori Soutome, Yuka Taguchi, Shinya Tamai, Junya Tsubota, Eriko Tomoda, Yumi Yamazaki

We hold exhibition which theme of “Sakura”. “Sakura” is long time loved in japan. This time, we will exhibit more than 10 artist’s artworks. We look forward to your visit.

Takeshi Harada
Takeshi Harada metal sculpture Solo Exhibition-Nostalgic Eyes-

Venue: Kintetsu Department Store Main Store Abeno Harukas Tower Building 11F
Artist:Takeshi Harada

He create works with familiar motifs such as insects and plants. The works that based memories that he felt in his childhood. Please enjoy delicately detailed artworks.

Makoto Fujii
Makoto Fujii Oil painting Solo Exhibition

Venue:Daimaru Kyoto 6F
Venue:Makoto Fujii

Makoto Fujii who produces many landscapes with water under the theme of "Japanese realism" By drawing realism with Japanese sensibility, he established his own style. We look forward to your visit.

Yu Shiotsuki
A Favorite Thing 
Mar. 2nd- 11st 2019
Venue:Gallery Seek (Tokyo, Ginza)
Artist: Takehiro Kato, Kaoru Kan, Kana Satake, Haruna Sato, Yu Shiotsuki, Kenji Shimizu, Yuka Taguchi, Shinya Tamai, Yuko Nakamura, Takeshi Harada, Masaaki Hikida, Taichi Yonemura

Gallery seek will hold an exhibition "A Favorite Thing 2019" that centers on works not yet exhibited at the gallery. We look forward to your visit.

Kaoru Kan
Kaoru Kan Japanese Painting Solo Exhibition -Ring of Water-
Feb.21st- 27th 2019
Venue:TOBU department store Ikebukuro 6F
Artist:Kaoru Kan
She continues create the artworks mainly motif as water. "Water" is continue change depending on the intensity of the light, and shines weirdly. Her artworks makes we various imaginations.  

Takehiro Kato
Takehiro Kato Japanese Painting Solo Exhibition
Feb.19th- 25th 2019

Venue:Gallery Seek (Tokyo, Ginza)
Artist:Takehiro Kato

Takehiro Kato draws a phoenix and a flower of the season in the style of gold and silver background on the theme of the word "Kotohogi". He seems to notice when he goes out to sketch the flowers that bloom outdoors. The color and shape of this flower are created only by the harsh and beautiful nature. As when wish happiness with words, it would be happy if you could feel the feelings in each piece of work.

Sota Koike
Sota Koike Original picture exhibition of illustration book
Feb.8th- 17th 2019
Venue:Gallery Seek (Tokyo, Ginza)
Artist:Sota Koike

Sota Koike has expanded the field of activity in recent years, such as in charge of painting of the picture book “Bunbougu no Yasumijikan” in 2016 and producing pictures for advertising of the Milan fashion brand “MSGM”. This time, we will hold an original painting exhibition in line with the picture book to be released in February. Please enjoy the world of Sota Koike, which is different from the oil painting.

Yuko Nakamura
Yuko Nakamura Japanese Painting Solo exhibition
Feb.6th-12th 2019
Venue:Daimaru department store Kobe 7F Art Gallery
Artist: Yuko Nakamura

Yuko Nakamura, who graduated from Waseda University and graduated from Tokyo Art and Arts Graduate School. ”Kirikane” are Technique of buddha statue and buddha paintings. She mainly produces flower and bird paintings with "Kirikane". We have many problems in life. However, flowers are always by us and tell us the new season comming.

Kazuyuki Sutoh
Three artists of Japanese painting
Jan 29th- Feb 5th 2019

Venue:TOBU department store Utsunomiya 7F
Artist:Chidoh Shimizu, Kazuyuki Stoh, Jyunya Tsubota

Chidoh Shimizu is painting Japanese land scape as “Traveling diary”. Kazuyuki Sutoh is creating nostalgic art works as a motif with Nature and Small animals which feels “Wind”. Jyunya Tsubota is painting imaginary world with mixed realistic and abstract as motif with water sign and flowers. Please enjoy the unique Japanese painting by three artists.

Shinya Tamai
Shinya Tamai Japanese Painting Solo Exhibition -Kichijitsu-
Jan 31st-Feb 6th 2019
Venue: TOBU department store Ikebukuro 6F
Artist:Shinya Tamai

Shinya Tamai is an up-and-coming Japanese painter who just graduated from Aichi University of the Arts Graduate School in 2018. His work began with longing to great masters such as Jyakutyu Ito, Soutatsu Tawaraya, and Seihou Takeuchi. The style of dyeing old Japanese paper looks like an old ink painting. Please enjoy more than 20 artworks at gallery seek.

Kana Satake
Kana Satake Japanese Painting Solo exhibition
Jan 16th-21st2019
Venue:Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Annex building 7F
Artist:Kana Satake

Kana Satake creates Japanese painting on the theme of “daily life” with motif such as sparrows as a theme. Several works that draws to reaffirm the feelings that are often forgotten, such as appreciation for others or impression of nature. The screen using the soil paint will add more depth and impress the existence of the hero in the paints.

Miku Niinomi
One Art Taipei 2019
Collector Preview Jan 18th 13:00-15:00
VIP Preview    Jan 18th 15:00-20:00
Public Opening  Jan 19th・20th・21st 12:00-20:00
Venue:Sherwood Taipei Room.1424
Artist: Mitsuru Koga, Haruna Sato, Miku Niinomi, Takeshi Harada

It is decided for participate in ONE ART TAIPEI held in TAIWAN. This is first held for this art fair. We will exhibit 4 talented Japanese artists.
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Sota Koike
Sota Koike Oil Painting Solo exhibition
Jan.7th-14th 2019

Venue:Gallery Seek
Artist:Sota Koike

After graduated Kyoto Ritsumeikan University,  he did study under Masago Tsuji. He drawn still life and land scape are attracted to style of brightness. The carefully drawing will express artist’s “Emotion” and “Particular about the things”. We look forward to your visit.

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