Inquiries and orders regarding the works are accepted here.
The aim of the purchase is listed, but informs the accurate amount of money when I asked it.
The work that a title becomes the rubric is sold, and the blue letter becomes having a business talk.

Flow of the purchase

①In store or TEL, FAX, E-Mail, please inform it of a purchase work desired.
②I confirm the business talk situation of the work, sales price and answer. When there is not an answer, trouble has a seat within three business days, but, please refer on the telephone.
In addition, I ask for the purchase in the meeting place when I relate to an exhibition planned work in other meeting places.
③After settlement completion, I send out a work.
④Please contact me immediately by any chance when there is damage on a work and the frame at the time of arrival.




①Only the work of the plan exhibition held is put in the art gallery basically. I arrange it if I can hear once by approximately three business days when I want to really look at the work that the purchase is examined so that you can see a work.
②By the setting of the email, an unwanted e-mail contains the reply from us, and there is it when I do not arrive. When there is not communication three business days after the inquiry either, sorry for your inconvenience but, please contact me by a telephone or FAX once.
③To the address that had you inform it in the case of the good reputation book and work purchase, there is a case to ship the thank-you letters from a notice and the writer from us. In the case of an unnecessary, please contact me.

After-sale service

①The decoration of the work which he/she purchased is possible. When it takes a rate by the materials of an area and the wall separately, there is it. When you want, please contact me.
②Please contact the cases that you came to want to make the case that you display it in the home, and a frame damaged and a different frame. It takes rate, but the order for frame supports, too.
③When you reach it unlike an image and do not match the room after the purchase, please offer a work within seven days after the work shipment completion from us. Thereafter, I cannot accept returned goods, the exchange of the work. After having had the cause of our agreement, a work return goods, I refund an amount of money that pulled the postage of coming and going and sales commission including the collect on delivery than the work price. Even if there is any reason, about the work which changed a frame and other specifications for the hope of the visitor, I cannot accept returned goods, the exchange. In addition, there are apologies of the returned goods, a case demanding frame charges when a work and a frame are damaged in returned goods. In the case of the purchase, please refer to the meeting place which you purchased by an exhibition.