Representative Hideki Shiono

  • 1985 Born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 2003 Graduated from Azabu Junior & Senior High Scool
  • 2008 Graduated from Tokyo University of Science (mathematics) Joined Seiko Gallery
  • 2009 Established Primary See Gallery Seek in Seiko Gallery
  • 2012 Moved Gallery Seek to Kyobashi
  • Hobbies other than work
    Baseball, futsal, snowboarding, live participation (Punk Rock)
    Play video games and dogs
  • Qualification
    High school teacher license 1 (mathematics)
    Junior High School Teacher License 1 (Mathematics)

Staff Ai Etou

  • 1986 Born in Miyazaki, Japan
  • 2004 Graduated from Takanabe High Scool
  • 2008 Graduated from Bunkyo University
    (Faculty of Education School curriculum Japanese language specialization)
  • Part-time lecturer at Chuo City Ginza Junior High School
  • 2009 Joined Seiko Gallery
  • Hobbies other than work
    Travel, watching soccer, watching movies, participating in live
    I love my dog, “One Piece”! I'm struggling with childcare right now!
  • Qualification
    Elementary school teacher type 1 license
    Junior high school teacher license 1 (national language)
    High School Teacher Type 1 License (Japanese)
    Yamaha Music Test (piano) 6th grade

  • Staff Mayu Osakabe

    • 1992 Born in Shizuoka, Japan
    • 2010 Graduated from Hamamatsu High School (Fine Arts)
    • 2014 Graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design (oil painting)
    • 2014 Joined Seiko Gallery
    • 2018 Shoko Gallery Co., Ltd. moved to GallerySeek
    • Hobbies other than work
      Draw pictures, watch movies, read books, listen to music (I like Japanese rock music), bouldering
    • Qualification
      Color test grade 3